Applications for Handhelds: Profiling and Analysis of Mediabench


There is a great demand for more powerful handhelds devices: they are asked to be cheap, have long battery life and still be performant. The Zippy project aims are to fulfill these goals by designing a new dynamically reconfigurable processor architecture. In this term project, the multimedia oriented MediaBench benchmark suite was ported to the SimpleScalar processor simulator tool set. Apart from the PGP application, the port does not need big modifications in the MediaBench programs nor in SimpleScalar. Nine of the eleven Mediabench programs were analized with the SimpleScalar simulators and with post-processing scripts. They were simulated on two different architectures: a StrongARM-like and the default SimpleScalar processor architecture, which is a general purpose processor model. The results are that the programs rely heavily on integer operations, that the branch prediction hit rates are not really high due to data dependent branches, the data cache hit rates greatly vary in function of the program. An estimation of the applications memory footprint was calculated. The runtime intensive function were outlined in all the applications. The different behaviour depending on the processor architecture chosen was also analyzed.

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