1 The tools used
1.1 SimpleScalar
1.1.1 The simulators
1.1.2 The other tools provided with SimpleScalar
1.2 MediaBench

2 Simulation methodology
2.1 Compilation of MediaBench
2.2 Changes to SimpleScalar
2.3 The processor architectures used
2.4 Automation and post-processing scripts
2.4.1 Automation scripts
2.4.2 Post-processing scripts

3 Results
3.1 Instruction class mix
3.2 Branch prediction hit rate
3.3 Instruction cache hit rate
3.4 Data cache hit rate
3.5 Memory footprint
3.6 Function breakdown


A Processor configuration file for SimpleScalar
B Automation scripts
B.2 An example for a specific benchmark: adpcm
C Postprocessing scripts
C.1 cycle by
C.2 insn by
D Extract form loader.c

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