The life of Guillaume Thomassin

I was born on the 6th of May 1977 in Strasbourg, capital of Alsace and Europe. I lived until ten in Zurich (Switzerland), then two years in Hamburg (Germany), and finaly came back in Zurich until my baccalaureat. Then I spent 3 years in Versailles for my "classe prepa" and then went to the Ecole Centrale Paris for the first two years and then made an exchange with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in the Electrical Engineering departement. I have made my diploma thesis in the IBM Zurich Research Lab. Then I moved in Sophia-Antipolis (south of France) to work for aMaDEUS.

I am a fencer since I'm eight (I started with foil and then some sabre)and in winter I like skiing. Before I also did some judo, swimming, squash and tennis

I like eating good food and also drinking (be it wine, beer, porto or any beverage not containing only water)

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